Joe Baron
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Technologies used for Music in Website and App Development

LMMS - Linux Multimedia Studio

Music for apps and websites is created from scratch using Linux Mulitmedia Studio. Using this free software, sounds, beats and instruments can easily be layered to create a full track. With lots of instruments and plug-ins, you can't knock it. It enables people like me, who can easily understand and disect music by ear, but don't have the physical skills to play more than a guitar, and basic keyboard and drums, to create full atmospheric orchestral tracks for purpose.

I approach music creation with the same regard to illustration. Step by step, knowing that the end result in my mind will be produced via the computer irrespective of any physical skill limitations. It takes a bit of trial and error, or experimenting, what ever you want to call it, but just as I know images are right when they look right, I know when music is right when it sounds right. Here are a few examples created for my own apps.

Lock Count

Peekaboo Pirate

Little Monsters Battle

Pizza NoGo

The 4 Minute Max Outs